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How a Multicultural School Environment Benefits Your Child

Children who attend a multicultural school have advantages that more traditional classrooms can’t offer, including the development of advanced global awareness. Our world is a vast place, and even early learners can be taught to envision its scope. Through immersion in other languages and getting to know different manners of dress, traditions and religions, the...

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Merits of Studying in an International School

Moving to a new country is an exciting time for your family, but it's also a period of transition and adjustment. If you are relocating to Singapore, you will quickly discover that there are many different options for schools in the country. There are public schools, private schools and international schools. As a soon-to-be expatriate family, you should take the...

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Developing 21st Century skills in students

Developing 21st Century Skills in Students

If your child is sitting inside a classroom today, there’s a high possibility that he/she will work in a future career that has not yet been discovered. The current generation of students is sitting on the precipice of change, and they will become the leaders who will take us into the next era. However, in order to...

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The New Chinese-English Bilingual Programme at OWIS

The New Chinese-English Bilingual Programme at OWIS

Mandarin has gained prominence in our global economy and is spoken by a large number of people worldwide - with one estimate claiming nearly 917 million people speak it fluently. Singapore, where One World International School (OWIS) is located, also has a large number of Mandarin...

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More About One World International School

One World International School

One World International School is a non-denominational school that welcomes students of all cultures, ethnicities and religion.
IB, British
Languages of instruction
English, Chinese
3 to 18
Yearly fees - 2020/2021
from: SGD $17,793
to: SGD $20,457
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