International Education in Munich

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International schools in Europe are well-known for their high standards of education and facilities. Unfortunately, they’re also known for their expensive price tags. Certain European countries can be quite affordable for international schooling however; especially if you look beyond the capital cities.

Munich is a great example of this. With its beautiful location in the heart of Bavaria, its smaller population (1.5 million compared to Berlin’s 3.75 million) and its admirable choice of international schools, it boasts lower prices with a similarly high quality of life offered in other German cities.

Although not as competitive as larger cities like Berlin or Hamburg, winning a place for your child in one of Munich’s international schools can still be a challenge. Keep in mind that the pool of schools in Munich is smaller, so demand can sometimes be higher.

German, International and British curricula are most common. Many schools are bilingual - i.e. English and German are both offered as languages of instruction. The majority of teachers are also native speakers.

There are international schools scattered throughout Munich, with no particular cluster of schools in any one area or neighbourhood. You will find one or two schools outside of the city in the surrounding mountains, but the rest are centrally located.

The location of your chosen international schools shouldn’t cause too much of an issue however, because Munich has an excellent public transport system. Between the U-Bahn (subway), S-Bahn (rail network), trams and buses, getting around Munich is quick, easy and cheap. For this same reason, private bus services are not usually offered.

The school day in a typical international school in Munich will start at around 8.30am. Lessons will run until 3.30 - 4pm, with a lunch break and smaller breaks in between. After school clubs kick off immediately after the final bell for another 1-2 hours. These run the gamut from sports to music to arts and crafts; wherever your child’s passion lies, they’ll be catered for.

International schools in Germany, and especially in Munich, have small class sizes. 20 - 25 students per class is the average. Student populations tend to have a significant proportion of local students too, more than in other world regions. It’s not uncommon for 20 - 30% of the student body to be native German students.

Sounds great so far, right? Well, there is one thing that you should be aware of. Unlike international schools in other cities and countries, you will be expected to pay for certain ‘extras’ in Munich. Uniforms, extracurricular activities and school excursions are not usually included in the schools’ fees. Many of these extras are optional however, so if the added cost is too much you can always choose not to take part.

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