One World International School recently announced their results of the examinations for Cambridge IGCSE and the IB Diploma Programme, and congratulated the students on their success. The school attributes the results to the students' determination and the supportive learning environment in which critical thinking, collaboration and whole-child development are top priorities.

OWIS’s 2022 IGCSE and IBDP Results: By the Numbers

Grade 10 students who took the IGCSE examinations in 2022 scored very well. Out of a cohort of 36 students:

  • 97% scored between an A* and a C grade
  • 58% scored an A* or A grade.
  • 85% scored between an A* and B grades

The second cohort of Grade 12 students at OWIS took their IB DP exams in May 2022. This cohort also made the school proud with their results:

  • On average, OWIS students scored 34 points in the IB DP 2022 examinations, which is an entire point above the global average for this exam.
  • 25% of students in the 2022 cohort achieved between 43 and 38 grade points.
  • 90% of the cohort passed the IB DP examinations.

At a glance, these numbers prove that the OWIS approach to international education is one that not only prepares students to succeed in their exams but helps them develop into lifelong learners.

How OWIS Measures Up Alongside Global Education Trends

The facts and figures speak for themselves. With the IB DP, for example, the average score of the students is one point higher than the global average. In addition, in the Cambridge IGCSE results, the school measures up against global trends in a variety of subjects, such as:

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Drama
  • Spanish
  • Geography
  • History
  • ICT
  • Music

In addition to supporting students to achieve their academic goals, the school’s dedicated educators work hard to instil 21st-century competencies in their students that ensure that they become lifelong learners who are passionate about collaboration and problem-solving.

OWIS students are actively supported by the school community

OWIS is incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication of their students, and the school actively works hard to show them just how much they appreciate them. For example, on the last day of examinations, the Cambridge IGCSE students were able to do a victory lap around the school, with teachers and students clapping and cheering for them along the way. The day culminated with a celebration where students received certificates to recognise their achievements.

The students who completed their IB Diploma exams were treated to a school cheer at the end of the day.

The excitement and celebration that ensued helped the students feel proud of their accomplishments and appreciated as vital members of the OWIS community. These students will soon be joining prestigious universities of their choice around their world, and the school believes that they will continue to carry forward the OWIS values of compassion and international mindedness and will take their place as global citizens.

If you are interested in learning more about the Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma Programme curricula at OWIS and how the school supports students to achieve their goals, you can join a virtual tour of the school.