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IB and British curriculums
Ages 3 to 18

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CurriculumsIB and British
Language of instructionEnglish
Age RangeAges 3 to 18
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Quick summary of key school information

Language of instruction English
Native English teachers
Extra languages (other than English)
Class sizes Average 24 students / class
Maximum 24 students / class
Extracurricular activities
School bus
School's webpage:
Yearly fees: from: SGD $19,039
to: SGD $21,889
This school has more than one campus in Singapore:
Nanyang Campus: Ages 3 to 18

Address: 21 Jurong West Street 81, Singapore 649075

East Coast Campus: Ages 3 to 6

Address: Block G, 231 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore 397999

Is this school a perfect match for you?

Tell us your preferences and we’ll calculate your compatibility.

  • Based on 10 different criteria including price and location
  • Fees personalised to your childrens’ ages

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Number of students


Number of nationalities represented in the school


Most common nationality

We have a 30% nationality cap for any one nationality to maintain diversity.

Ratio of local students to international students

In Singapore, Singaporean students are expected to attend government schools and can only attend international school with permission from the Ministry of Education. We have a nationality cap on enrolment. No more than 30 percent of admitted students represent a single nationality. Applicants to our Nanyang campus come from more than 70 nationalities, spanning six continents. OWIS encourages students to be open-minded, lifelong learners who are well-prepared to navigate the challenges-- and appreciate the myriad advantages-- of living and working in a global society.

Max. number of students per class

Early Childhood - 18
Primary & Secondary - 24

Average number of students per class

Early Childhood - 18
Primary & Secondary - 24

Does the school employ teaching assistants?

Yes. For Early Childhood up to Grade 1

Native English speaking teachers


Language support for students not fluent in English

Yes, we offer EAL up to Grade 6. After Grade 6 we expect students to be proficient in English.

Additional language classes offered by the school

Mandarin (for all levels) and French (at the higher level)

Use of technology in the classroom

We believe in leveraging technology as a tool to enhance individual and group learning outcomes. Educators at OWIS incorporate technology into everyday explorations to help create well-rounded, global citizens.

Students who feel safe in their learning environment tend to perform better in school and life, so maintaining a safe and secure campus is a priority. State-of-the-art security and surveillance systems use cutting-edge technology to keep students out of harm's way. Each child has a safety net from which they safely explore their world.

Cutting-Edge Hardware Supports 21st Century Learning Skills:
Students use a variety of learning technologies, from Apple TVs to iPads, on any given day. Classrooms at OWIS are designed for inquiry to help students make sense of the world around them. We recognise the role that technology plays in the quest to create authentic learning situations in the classroom. Our students rely on technology to navigate the information highway. iPads and MacBooks equip the students of the 21st century with tools to explore the world further. Interactive LED screens and speakers help optimise student engagement in each classroom.

Access to Superb Hardware Spearheads the Need for Innovative Software Solutions:
Top-notch hardware does no good in an educational setting without innovative software to tap into its potential. Software and educational applications are screened to ensure students at OWIS have access to top-rated, high-quality software solutions. We believe students rise to the occasion when presented with challenges. Educational software must be designed to engage students in a way that sparks their curiosity and ultimately enhances their learning outcomes.

Safety, Security, and Technology:
Students secure their belongings in lockers with secure access controls. The latest security and surveillance systems monitor activity on campus and alert the proper authorities to defuse any potential threat to students or staff quickly. Students and staff deserve to feel safe in their learning environment. Our goal is to provide access to a safe and secure setting from which students explore, create, and solve their own inquiries based on individual interests.

Technology enhances lifelong learning as students master various forms of technology throughout their educational career. When students understand how the specific types of technology facilitate learning, they embrace the constant updates that come with it fluidly.

Is the school ready to use virtual classrooms when needed? (e.g. teaching lessons online if the school is closed, e.g. during COVID-19 closures)

Yes, we can provide a full e-learning programme when necessary, as we did during the recent Covid-19 school closures for 2 months in Singapore.

Do teachers assign homework to their students?

Children should not view anything to do with their own learning as being work. Therefore we avoid the term ‘homework’ and refer to it as ‘learning at home’. We try to encourage children to enjoy their own learning so much that they want to share their learning with their parents at home. There is no research or evidence to suggest that enforced or compulsory homework has any positive impact on academic success for young learners. Rather we believe in providing opportunities for learning at home that encourage discipline, self management and enable students to share their learning with their parents. In young learners, learning at home should be a pleasurable experience and not a battle ground, particularly when it doesn’t positively impact academic success.

Our students in Early Childhood and up to Grade 1 are encouraged to read regularly with their parents or carers to develop a love of reading and books as a core skill that underpins our curriculum.

In Primary school, we have project based learning which extends and deepens conceptual understandings from the UOI at school. These projects are process driven rather than focused on the end product and are scaffolded according to the grade. These projects incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths) to embrace transdisciplinary skills and knowledge within the curriculum.

In Secondary, we introduce a more structured approach to learning at home with subject-specific projects to deepen and extend the skills and knowledge taught at school.

Students receive regular feedback on all learning at home.

Approximate hours of homework given

OWIS recognises that learning is continuous and may come from outside provision such as ballet classes, sports clubs, music tuition and additional languages which we know are important to a child’s overall development.

Learning at home should never be a battle and if it is, we would question the values of that learning at home. At OWIS, the learning at home is fun, engaging and embedded in real life experience through directed play.

Uniform required


Waiting list


Entry evaluation for students

We review previous school reports and if required we will assess students before entry.

Brief description of entry evaluation required

If required, we evaluate using age specific assessments in English and Maths. We will also interview students for higher grades if necessary.

Deadline for registration (new academic year)

We accept applications throughout the year, however places are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Students can join after academic year begins

Yes, as long as there are places available in their grade and the nationality cap (for the student's nationality) hasn't been exceeded.

Percentage of students who pursue further education post-graduation

As a relatively new secondary school we have not yet had a Grade 12 graduating class, our first grade 12 cohort will graduate in August 2021.

External examinations or assessments available

Our students complete 9 IGCSE's at the end of Grade 10. Our current Grade 11 cohort will take the IB DP examinations in 2020.

Results in these examinations

As a new and growing school we have not had an IB DP graduating class yet.

Do students practice religion at the school? What religion?


How does the school accommodate non-religious students or students of a different religion?

We are a non denominational school that accepts students and families from all faiths.

School bus service available


Dedicated staff/programs for students with special learning needs

We are an inclusive school however we are unable to support students outside mainstream teaching within the classroom. We pride ourselves on supporting all students with personalised and differentiated teaching and learning within the classroom.

Learning support offered


The school supports gifted, able and talented students

We individually differentiate to ensure all students are challenged.

Student access to education psychologist

We have a school counsellor who would support students should this be required.

School start time


School finish time


Supervised care before/after school


Extracurricular activities or clubs offered

We have 400 different Co-Curricular Activities that we offer over the academic year. Students are able to choose 3 different CCA every term and they generally run after school from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm

School provided lunches

OWIS has a school canteen run by SATS, which provides healthy meal options (vegetarian, asian, western) to our children. Children below Grade 3 need to pre-order whereas older students have the option to order directly. Both options are cashless.

Sports activities included

At OWIS, we provide a well-designed sports programme that is coordinated with our academic programme to support all aspects of child development. Students learn the fundamentals of individual and team sports. Our physical education programme includes specialist-led classes that encourage healthy competition and promote physical, social and emotional development and teamwork. Starting with gymnastics and dance in Early Childhood, our PE curriculum includes athletics, table tennis, net and ball games and other sports in Primary and Secondary school.

Students can also get involved in sports at OWIS through our co-curricular activities programme.

Sports facilities at the school

We have a full range of sports facilities that support our sports and CCA programmes

Sports teams or sport competitions available for students

Yes we compete in many inter-school sports competitions and events.

Qualities and characteristics best defining the school

One World International School is more than just a learning institution. While educating the next generation of leaders is our top priority, we want our students and families to know that we are a welcoming, diverse and inclusive community that strives to help all of its members make meaningful connections with one another. We have a team of world-class staff members who are passionate about education, and we are proud of the families who make up our student community. Our approach to education is distinctly different from many of the other schools in Singapore. Kindness is integral to everything we do at OWIS. From our values and mission to curricula choices, our fee point and our assessment practice - our philosophy around kindness aims to equip our students with the skills and awareness they need to thrive in a global society.

Teaching approach of the school

One World International School offers an excellent international education to children from the age of 3 to 16 in a nurturing multi-cultural environment at an equitable fee point. We have a diverse student and teacher community, with over 70 nationalities represented on campus, which promotes an understanding of different perspectives, cultures and global awareness.

Our ethos is to deliver a highly personalised education for all students. With a maximum of 18 students per class in our Early Childhood programme to a maximum of 24 in each of our Primary and Secondary classes, our teachers have more one-to-one time with each student to provide feedback and improve learning. We believe in fostering creativity and a desire for meaningful connection so that children can flourish into happy and productive adults.

We understand that one of the most important aspects of learning is the relationship between the teacher and each individual student. Our learning environment nurtures students and encourages them to grow into independent, skilled individuals who are ready to become leaders in a global economy. We take pride in the fact that our concept-driven curriculum focusses on:

- Generating open and honest discussion in the classroom.
- Providing students with an opportunity to work in a group setting.
- Offering hands-on learning opportunities that focus on 21st-century skill development.

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