International Education in Hanoi

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International schools in Vietnam offer something that their counterparts in other parts of Asia can’t: a high standard of education at a comparatively affordable price.

Asia is the most expensive continent on the planet for international schooling, but the lower cost of living in Vietnam means you’ll get much more bang for your buck.

Ho Chi Minh city is considered more of a ‘hub’ for international schools in Vietnam, but Hanoi has plenty to offer too. This northern city has its fair share of schools offering an impressive range of curricula. International, British and American are the most common, but you can also find French and Singaporean schools here.

Most schools have an ‘international stream’ and a ‘Vietnamese stream’. The former is an international curriculum taught through English. The latter is an enhanced version of the national curriculum taught through Vietnamese.

Local students are required to take Vietnamese language and culture lessons. These classes are open to non-native students too however, so you’ll find bilingual teaching and Vietnamese cultural activities in pretty much every international school in Hanoi.

International education is something Vietnamese families aspire to. Those that can afford to send their children to Hanoi’s international schools, in the hope that it will better prepare them for getting into Western universities.

Because of this, waiting lists are common and early application is advised. The school year runs from August to June, but plenty of international schools accept new students throughout the year.

The expat community in Hanoi is large and growing. Although the lifestyle and culture may be different to other parts of the world, there is little to worry about when it comes to expat life here.

Vietnam was late to the game with international schools - the first one opened in 1993 - but they have rapidly caught up with the rest of Asia. You can expect similar sports facilities, extra curricular programmes, and more in Hanoi than you would in many other parts of the continent.

One thing many expats are concerned about in Vietnam and Asia is the issue of air pollution. While it is an undeniable concern, there are plenty of ways to lessen the impact it has on your family. Install air purifiers in your home so you can breathe clean air when indoors. Monitor the Air Quality Index every day and limit time outdoors when it reaches unhealthy levels. Getting out of the city to explore the beautiful Vietnamese countryside will also help.

Below, we have compiled our top 10 international schools in Hanoi. However, there are another 9 schools to choose from in the city. You can find the best international school for your child by personalising your results. Just fill in your search criteria, and we will calculate a personal score for every international school in Hanoi based on your requirements.