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Balancing Life and Managing Stress during Challenging Times

After nearly two months of quarantining, traveling, and quarantining, many of us just want this turbulent period to
be over so that we can resume our normal routines. But why can’t we try to resume life as we once knew it now?

Here are some suggestions by 3e’s Learning Support Specialist, Dr. Ira Canada to reduce the stress of this

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International School Fees - The Grange Institution Cares

The COVID-19 global pandemic presented everyone with unprecedented challenges. With Circuit Breaker in place, the
school recognised that families may be faced with individual challenges, amongst which, financial or economic.

To proactively help with families facing these challenges, the school management put in place measures to help
families in need to...

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O.R.E.O. Online Learning

KIS’s Approach for Effective Remote Learning

As children are now learning from home, parents are struggling to understand how the remote learning models can work effectively. KIS put together the O.R.E.O. model, which covers main concepts of remote learning for teachers, parents and students.

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4 Lessons Learnt in Education from the Covid-19 crisis

Our site at Brighton College International School Bangkok
was closed on March 18th 2020, and since that date our pupils have continued their learning at home. It has been a
truly extraordinary time to lead a school, so I’m happy to share some reflections of what we’ve learnt along the

1. Children are incredibly adaptable

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Bavarian International School Goes Virtual

With much of the world on ‘lockdown’ due to the Covid-19 pandemic, almost every aspect of life for everyone has changed - including children.

The daily routine of getting up, getting ready and leaving home to go to school doesn’t happen for most children anymore. But some schools, like Bavarian International School in Munich, are making sure their students’...

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An International School in Beijing’s Frontline Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Transition to Home Learning

As the first country affected at the epicentre of the coronavirus crisis, schools across China had only a few days to
prepare and implement home learning programs, in the wake of the unprecedented nationwide government decision to
close all schools.

Even though initially it was expected school closures would only be...

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Home learning during Coronavirus in Madrid

How an International School in Madrid is dealing with the COVID-19 crisis

During the past week, the coronavirus has cast uncertainty over the future of education. Under normal circumstances, almost 10 million Spanish students would be attending their respective educational centres. However, the new coronavirus spreading wildly across the country has forced all...

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In extraordinary times we learn extraordinary lessons

We have reached out to the American Overseas School of Rome to ask how are they adapting their teaching approach to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Their Head of School, Mr. Michael Callan, had this to say:

“In extraordinary times, we learn extraordinary lessons. In the regular classroom setting, the teacher skillfully blends the art of teaching with the science...

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How Skt. Josef international school in Denmark is adapting to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation

Key points:

  • Kids need structure.

  • Different ages need different approaches.

  • Technology and learning platforms are useful, but it is important that children still feel that they have a teacher.

  • The biggest challenge is for families.

Remote education, home learning, or as they call it here in Denmark,...

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