With much of the world on ‘lockdown’ due to the Covid-19 pandemic, almost every aspect of life for everyone has changed - including children.

The daily routine of getting up, getting ready and leaving home to go to school doesn’t happen for most children anymore. But some schools, like Bavarian International School in Munich, are making sure their students’ education does not get left behind.

The Bavarian government introduced mandatory school closures on 16th March 2020 until at least April 19th. The Bavarian International School wasted no time, and used the situation to its advantage by deploying its Virtual School Program for their 1,200 students.

School leaders and staff have been working diligently to fine-tune the extensive details required to support each and every student, from ages 3 to 18, in virtual or ‘distance’ learning. From virtual orchestras to physics lessons via video conferencing, BIS is truly leading the way in innovative distance learning for all ages.

As well as online lessons and offline educational activities, students at Bavarian International School also get plenty of physical exercise. Teachers collaborate with the physical education department to mix in specially designed physical activities between lessons. This way the school doesn’t just support the continued education of its students, but their health and wellbeing too.

Dr. Chrissie Sorenson, School Director and Executive Board of BIS, says

“The health of all members of the BIS community and their families is, of course, our top priority. As we protect the health of the members of our community, we are committed to supporting the continued learning of our students through a wide range of online methods. With our strategic focus on innovation, we are uniquely prepared to turn this most challenging crisis to advantage."

Take a look at some of the powerful learning experience going on as part of BIS’ Virtual School Program:

You can find out more about Bavaria International School by checking their Distance Learning in their website or by checking out their profile on the International Schools Database.