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Building Curiosity & Life Experience Through Science Exploration

3e International School, Beijing, understands of the significance of science as an integral foundation of early years education. With their namesake – 3e – representing core values of explore-experiment-express, their passion to foster creative thinkers and collaborative learners who continuously explore, boldly experiment and confidently express themselves aligns...

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Advice For Parents: Choosing A New School During The Pandemic

Relocating with children is never an easy task, not least in the midst of a global pandemic. Joanne O’Connor, Community Liaison Officer at 3e International School Beijing, a parent of two children(Grade 2 & Grade 4) offers some practical tips for parents relocating with school-age children during this unpredictable time, navigating the task of how to choose the...

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3e Elementary Program bolstered by 3e-LFIP Partnership

Since 2005, 3e International School has grown to provide a first class dual-immersion language education for Early Years and Elementary students.

3e founder and CEO of the Jonathan K.S. Choi Foundation, Mr Gilbert Choy reflects

“Through the past 16 years, 3e continues to exceed my vision and expectations, delivering a balanced Chinese-Western...

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Balancing Life and Managing Stress during Challenging Times

After nearly two months of quarantining, traveling, and quarantining, many of us just want this turbulent period to
be over so that we can resume our normal routines. But why can’t we try to resume life as we once knew it now?

Here are some suggestions by 3e’s Learning Support Specialist, Dr. Ira Canada to reduce the stress of this

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An International School in Beijing’s Frontline Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Transition to Home Learning

As the first country affected at the epicentre of the coronavirus crisis, schools across China had only a few days to
prepare and implement home learning programs, in the wake of the unprecedented nationwide government decision to
close all schools.

Even though initially it was expected school closures would only be...

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More About 3e International School

3e International School

In 3e International School we take a visionary approach to dual language immersion education. Our young learners become fluent in Chinese and English in a nurturing school environment uniquely designed to develop children’s ability to move fluidly across cultures.
International, Research-based
Languages of instruction
English, Chinese
2 to 12
Yearly fees - 2023/2024
from: 元206,000
to: 元228,900
(4 reviews)
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