International Education in Ho Chi Minh City

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The low cost of living and vibrant urban life in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City has made it an increasingly popular choice for expats. While once upon a time most expats worked as English teachers or bartenders here, nowadays the community is rapidly growing and widely varied. You’ll find expats of all ages, from all walks of life, working all types of careers in this hectic but rewarding city.

Thanks to the significant expat population, Ho Chi Minh City has an impressive collection of international schools. Each one offers very high education standards for affordable prices, especially compared to other large Asian cities. Competition for places is high however and waiting lists are not uncommon, so if you’re considering relocating to HCMH, early application to your chosen school is a must. Many schools will accept new admissions throughout the year.

The most common curricula on offer in Ho Chi Minh City’s international schools are British, American and International. The Vietnamese curriculum is offered alongside these in plenty of schools. This means that many schools have a mixture of both local Vietnamese and expat students, which is a great way for your child to get involved with the culture and way of life of Vietnam.

The school day begins early at around 7.30am and tends to finish in the mid afternoon, usually by 3pm. Schools with later finishing times often have longer lunch breaks in the middle of the day. In some cases this break will even include nap time for the youngest students!

If learning English is a priority for you and your child, you’ll be glad to know that native English-speaking teachers are the norm in international schools in Vietnam. Regardless of which school you choose, if the language of instruction is English then you can expect the majority of teachers to be native English speakers.

Ho Chi Minh City has so much to offer expat families, from its ‘best in Asia’ street food to its intriguing history and bustling, sometimes chaotic city streets. However, getting around can sometimes be a nightmare. A modern public transportation system is under construction, but for the foreseeable future mopeds are the only way to get anywhere on time.

Even still, traffic often comes to a standstill and air pollution is becoming a serious issue. To help ensure yours and your childrens’ lungs stay healthy, you can invest in an air purifier for your home - they’re commonly found for sale throughout HCMC. Keep an eye on AQI (Air Quality Index) indicators online, and limit time outdoors when the air quality reaches unhealthy levels.

Ho Chi Minh City is just a few hours away from some beautiful forested regions in Vietnam, so weekend trips to breathe some pure air and take in the sights and sounds of nature are easily achieved.

Below, we have compiled our top 10 international schools in Ho Chi Minh City. However, there are another 18 schools to choose from in the city. You can find the best international school for your child by personalising your results. Just fill in your search criteria, and we will calculate a personal score for every international school in Ho Chi Minh City based on your requirements.