Indian curriculum
Ages 4 to 12

Loyola International School

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Language of instructionEnglish
Age RangeAges 4 to 12
International Baccalaureate No
Avg. students per class -
Max. students per class -
First year fees:

School Information

Uniform required


External examinations/assessments available


School bus service available


Extracurricular activities or clubs offered

Arts and crafts, life skills, tennis, badminton, football, fine arts, fitness, tennis, basketball, swimming, yoga, music, dance, pottery, calligraphy, soccer, story telling.

Sports activities included

Physical education and swimming

Sports facilities at the school

Swimming pool

Qualities and characteristics best defining the school

Loyola International School is a premier institution for education with activity-based learning techniques to help children exceed and achieve greater heights for each of their future endeavors. New Loyola Model Education Society, India, is an institution that has been following the true spirit of ‘Education with Dedication’ for over 35 years. It is equipped to manage and enhance high standards of student performance through a holistic approach to academics and extracurricular activities.

Teaching approach of the school

Loyola International School – an Indian School that follows the CBSE Syllabus dwells on its most important aspects – offering quality education through Activity Based Learning Techniques. The school offers the ‘AOE program’, a creative, innovative and an educative learning experience to mould and groom the students. The world is changing at a fast pace, and we believe it is important to encourage your child to be adaptable and explore new ways of tackling challenges. Every child learns to discover and is groomed to adapt to his/her surroundings at all times.

The school's unique Activity based Learning approach recognizes your child as an individual. It redefines our understanding of success and inspires every child to be intellectually and socially confident as well as reaching the highest standards of academic success.


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Address: Villa No. 40, Al Andalus Street, Fereej Al Nasr, Doha, Qatar.