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International School of Milan

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January 21, 2021
- Average

I have a boy and a girl. The boy thrived in the international school of Milan. The girl suffered greatly academically and emotionally during her 1 year in this school. One year after moving away we are still trying to catch up. The school did not stimulate her or encourage her at all. There was no communication and if I expressed worry, I was told she was doing good enough. But now in her new school she is behind in every area. We moved away from Italy one year ago to a school that does want to teach her. She is slowly starting to enjoy school again. But every day we still have to catch up. It is hard for her. There was also some drama with bullies and bad influences. I never leave bad reviews. But this experience had so much influence on our life I felt I needed to warn other expats.

Breakdown of rating
Overall opinion - Terrible
Teachers - Terrible
Academics - Terrible
Facilities - Very Good
School Atmosphere - Good
Administration - Terrible

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