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Ages 3 to 18

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4.2 (based on 1 review) Reviews aren't verified
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Language of instructionEnglish
Age RangeAges 3 to 18
Reviews: 4.2
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4.2 (based on 1 review) Reviews aren't verified

Quick summary of key school information

Language of instruction English
Native English teachers
Extra languages (other than English)
Class sizes Average 20 students / class
Maximum 24 students / class
Extracurricular activities
School bus
School's webpage:
Yearly fees: from: Php187,400
to: Php405,300
Address: #13 J. Cruz Street, Baranggay Ugong Pasig City Metro Manila, Philippines
Is this school a perfect match for you?

Tell us your preferences and we’ll calculate your compatibility.

  • Based on 10 different criteria including price and location
  • Fees personalised to your childrens’ ages

All the details about this school in their own words

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Number of students

We have 280 students.

Number of nationalities represented in the school

We represent over 20 nationalities here in Domuschola.

Most common nationality

Majority of our students are Filipinos.

Ratio of local students to international students

Our school population consists of 60% local students, and 40% foreign students.

Native English speaking teachers

No, they are not.

Language support for students not fluent in English

We do not offer English as Second Language (ESL) classes for students who are not fluent in English. We do recommend English centers for students who need to take ESL classes.

Additional language classes offered by the school

Right now, we do not offer any foreign language.

Max. number of students per class

The maximum number of students in a preschool class is 15 students.
From Grades 1 to 5, the maximum number of students in a class is 20 students.
From Grades 6 to 12, the maximum number of students in a class is 24 students.

Average number of students per class

The average number of students in a class is 20 students.

Does the school employ teaching assistants?

Yes, we do.

Use of technology in the classroom

Our classrooms are all equipped with digital equipment. Upper primary and secondary students​ ​are​ also ​given​ ​the​ ​privilege​ ​to​ ​access​ ​the​ ​internet​ ​through​ ​the​ ​classroom​ ​and​ ​laboratory computers.​ ​They​ ​may​ ​also​ ​have​ ​access​ ​to​ ​the​ ​internet​ ​with​ ​the​ ​use​ ​of​ ​personal​ ​laptops,​ ​notebook, tablet​ ​and​ ​smart​ ​phones.​

Do students practice religion at the school? What religion?

We are a non-sectarian school, but we offer Catechism as part of our after school programs for students who wish to take it.

How does the school accommodate non-religious students or students of a different religion?

We do not discriminate students according to their background. We accept students regardless of their background, color, and religion.

External examinations or assessments available

International Schools Assessment
IB Diploma Programme Exam

Results in these examinations

Our students score very well in these external examinations.

Do teachers assign homework to their students?

Our teachers give homework occasionally and on a as-needed basis.

Approximate hours of homework given

A​ ​general​ ​rule​ ​of​ ​thumb​ ​that we follow is​ ​that,​ ​per​ ​day,​ ​children​ ​do​ ​10​ ​minutes​ ​of homework​ ​for​ ​each​ ​grade​ ​level.​ ​Therefore,​ ​first​ ​graders​ ​should​ ​be​ ​expected​ ​to​ ​do​ ​about​ ​10​ ​minutes​ ​of homework,​ ​second​ ​graders​ ​20​ ​minutes,​ ​third​ ​graders​ ​30​ ​minutes,​ ​and​ ​so​ ​on.​ ​

At Domuschola, we believe that students​ ​need​ ​to​ ​be​ ​engaged in​ ​reading,​ ​play​ ​and​ ​fun​ ​activities​ ​with​ ​siblings​ ​after​ ​school.

Percentage of students who pursue further education post-graduation

100% of our students go to their choice of college or university after graduation.

Dedicated staff/programs for students with special learning needs

Yes, we have teachers under the Learning Support Program who attend to children with special needs.

Learning support offered

Submission of all recent evaluation conducted by specialists including progress reports from therapists is required for record keeping, planning, and monitoring purposes. The child is admitted to the program based on the results of a comprehensive evaluation by a specialist (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician or Clinical Psychologist).

Every child who is part of the program should meet the conditions set by the school.

The school supports gifted, able and talented students

We celebrate individual differences and view each one as a useful and productive member of society. As an IB School, we provide support for students with special educational needs and their teachers.

Mainstreaming and inclusion are components of Domuschola’s Learning Support Program. Mainstreaming requires that the Child with Special Needs (CSN) meet certain admission/eligibility criteria set by the school. A Shadow Teacher may be necessary for some children who are under this program.

Student access to education psychologist

Yes, they are.

Entry evaluation for students

Yes, a student applicant needs to take an intake assessment as part of the admissions process.

Brief description of entry evaluation required

The assessment tool that we use in assessing student applicants is the OLSAT.

Waiting list

Yes, we do, in certain levels.

Deadline for registration (new academic year)

We have a rolling admissions. We do accept transferees who are coming in the middle of the school year.

Students can join after academic year begins

Yes, we do.

School start time

Our classes start at 7:30 am.

School finish time

Our classes end at 2:30 pm.

Supervised care before/after school

No, we do not.

School bus service available

Yes, we do. We have an accredited third party school bus provider.

School provided lunches

Students can bring their own packed lunch, or they can purchase food in our cafeteria. Parents can also pre-order meals for their children.

Food alternatives for special dietary needs (ie. vegan, kosher, halal etc)

Yes, we offer vegan food for students who are vegetarian.

Uniform required

Yes, they are required to wear their complete uniform.

Extracurricular activities or clubs offered

We have a wide range of after school classes, clubs and athletic programs available for our students.
Every Mondays, we have:
Baton Twirling Club
Public Speaking
Robotics Preschool
Classical Ballet

On Tuesdays, we have:
Junior Scientist
Origami Club
Ukulele Club
Drama Club
Yearbook and Publications
Draw and Paint
Sketch and Sculpt
Hip hop
Table Tennis

On Wednesdays, we have:
Crystal Jewelry Making Club
Domuschola Music Ensemble
Larong Pinoy club
Hip hop
Python Junior

On Thursdays, we have:
Cooking club
13 Games around the World
Paper Mache Club
Drama Club
STEM Adventures
Program Innovation

On Fridays, we have:
Rocking Readers club
Badgers Brigade
Kids for Family and Life

Sports activities included

We have basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis and chess.

Sports teams or sport competitions available for students

Yes, our students are encouraged to join different local and international competitions. We also compete with other international schools in Metro Manila.

Sports facilities at the school

We have a roof deck and indoor gym in our school.

Qualities and characteristics best defining the school

Domuschola International School is a progressive international school in Pasig City, Metro Manila whose philosophy is that the education of every child should be a collaboration between home and school. We offer quality education at the preschool, primary and secondary levels. We take pride in adhering to the rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum for our Primary Years Program (Kinder to Grade 5) and Diploma Programme (Grades 11 & 12). For our Grades 7 to 10, we use our own curriculum that is also based on the inquiry method. You may find out more about us on our website, www.domuschola.edu.ph.

Teaching approach of the school

Our teachers use inquiry-based learning to boost student engagement and to spark curiosity and enthusiasm among our students. Students develop their own questions to learn about a certain topic. With the guidance of our teachers, students will research about the topic using different resources to learn more about it. Once they have gathered and sorted all the information and have understood the topic, they are asked to present their findings in class. More than understanding content, our students are trained to present and communicate what they have learned in class. Finally, our students are encouraged to reflect on the process of how they learned, why they learned, and what they learned.

4.2 (based on 1 review) Reviews aren't verified

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