American curriculum
Ages 3 to 10

Clarion School

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Language of instructionEnglish
Age RangeAges 3 to 10
International Baccalaureate No
Avg. students per class -
Max. students per class 24
First year fees:

School Information

Number of students


Max. number of students per class

KG1, KG2 and KG3 maximum is 20 students per class. Grade 1 and Grade 2 maximum is 24 students per class.

Does the school employ teaching assistants?


Native speaking teachers (in language of instruction)

Unique to Clarion School, every classroom teacher is required to hold a masters of education degree in addition to a full four-year undergraduate degree from a US or equivalent accredited university abroad. Clarion is recruiting its teachers in the US at universities in New York City, Stanford and Harvard, universities that educate the progressive approach to teaching and learning.

Language support for students not fluent in the school's language of instruction


Additional language classes offered by the school

French, Arabic

Do teachers assign homework to their students?


Approximate hours of homework given

Depends on the subject and grade level.

Uniform required


Entry evaluation for students

Interview and assessment session.

Brief description of entry evaluation required

Assessment allows the school to gather relevant information on each child helping inform planning, class placement, transition as well as aid in the identification of special education needs and EAL requirements. It is a time for parent discussions regarding questions they may have regarding the school program.

External examinations/assessments available

High School Diploma

School bus service available


Dedicated staff/programs for students with special learning needs

Learning Support

Student access to education psychologist


School start time

7:45 am

School finish time

3:00 pm

Extracurricular activities or clubs offered

Dance, gymnastics, EAL Support, soccer, swimming, lego, art and craft, adventure playground, music, baseball, puzzle club, strategy games, book club, dance and gymnastics.

School provided lunches


Sports activities included

Physical education

Qualities and characteristics best defining the school

Clarion School offers progressive American education. Clarion wants to be the leading American curriculum school in the region, nurturing each student’s potential to take full advantage of life’s opportunities as collaborative, productive and responsible members of a global community.

Clarion School offers a challenging, engaging curriculum, enriched by the innovation of Dubai, strengthened by its progressive approach to teaching and learning, by quality faculty, who meet US standards of holding Masters Degrees. The school nurtures intellectual curiosity, reflection and critical thinking through experiential and meaningful learning and application of understanding and learning skills.

Clarion's students will be challenged to high expectations and engage with the world as productive and responsible members of a global community. They will be prepared for acceptance into competitive universities in the United States and across the world, as well as for future success in work and life.

Teaching approach of the school

Clarion School delivers the curriculum framework developed in collaboration with a renowned US graduate school of education. Aligned to meet US Standards (including the Common Core +15), Clarion school’s progressive American education offers learning that is interdisciplinary, engaging and challenging.

Clarion uses every opportunity to foster intellectual mastery and promote cognitive growth by creating a pervasive climate of guided inquiry. Clarion nurtures the intuitive process, combined with acquisition of knowledge, to achieve reflective and goal-directed thinking. In an environment optimal for children’s growth and development, each student is encouraged to develop their unique interests and talents and achieve their highest potential in school, to prepare them for the world they will inherit as responsible members of a global community.

The school's education model stresses developmental stages of a child’s growth; inseparability of social, emotional and intellectual components of the mind; and the importance of active, experiential engagement with the robust classroom lesson. Clarion's curriculum provides a range and quality of different experiences that help shape who each student is becoming as they acquire new, rich knowledge. The program is reflective of student interests, talents and strengths to inform our learning community of happy, engaged students and educators.


Get in touch with the school

School's webpage:
Address: D, 13 Al Asayel St, Dubai, United Arab Emirates