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British and Montessori curriculums
Ages 3 to 18

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CurriculumsBritish and Montessori
Language of instructionEnglish
Age RangeAges 3 to 18
Yearly fees: Not public
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Quick summary of key school information

Language of instruction English
Native English teachers
Extra languages (other than English)
Class sizes Average 20 students / class
Maximum 25 students / class
Extracurricular activities
School bus
School's webpage:

This school does not make their fees public for the academic year 2021/2022.

Address: Calle 128 No. 72 - 80 Calatrava, Bogota, Colombia
Is this school a perfect match for you?

Tell us your preferences and we’ll calculate your compatibility.

  • Based on 10 different criteria including price and location
  • Fees personalised to your childrens’ ages

All the details about this school in their own words

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Number of students

650 (from toddlers to 12th grade)

Number of nationalities represented in the school

About 10 different nationalities

Most common nationality


Ratio of local students to international students

Around 90% of the students are colombian, 5% have dual nationality and 5% students are from other parts of the world such as India, China, Spain, US, England, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil.

Max. number of students per class

We have capacity of 25 students per classroom

Average number of students per class

20 students

Does the school employ teaching assistants?


Native English speaking teachers

Almost everyone of them

Language support for students not fluent in English


Additional language classes offered by the school

French, Chinese

Use of technology in the classroom

We take technology very seriously in MBS, The new generations do not like to read much. In addition, today everything is communicated through an audiovisual language and our students become fluent in this language by learning how to produce video and use high definition cameras. In addition, every class uses technological tools from projectors to robotic developers.

Is the school ready to use virtual classrooms when needed? (e.g. teaching lessons online if the school is closed, e.g. during COVID-19 closures)

Yes it is ready

Do teachers assign homework to their students?


Approximate hours of homework given

2 hours

Uniform required

Yes, but they are allowed to pick one from our Daily or sports uniform.

Waiting list

It depends on the grade, but we are mostly plenty of space and teachers to get a large number of students.

Entry evaluation for students

Yes we do some previous checks depending on the grade.

Brief description of entry evaluation required

It depends on the grade, but we hope to evaluate skills and aptitudes in every grade. Every exam is fully design by MBS.
From transition grade we evaluate their level on spanish, english and maths. For secondary we evaluate english, maths, spanish, and science.
11th and 12th grade we do not accept new students

Deadline for registration (new academic year)

We are an On Going Admissions School, so they can start their process when they want.
For old students our deadline is 30th of june every year.

Students can join after academic year begins

Yes we do, We have an On Going admission process.

Percentage of students who pursue further education post-graduation

MBS has as a priority that our students have a defined life project before graduating in high school, we have the record that all our students have entered to universities or institutes nationally and internationally recognised after completing their school studies.

External examinations or assessments available

For Primary School:
-Cambridge Check Points (5th grade) evaluating three areas: maths, english, science and global perspectives. Our students are evaluated by Cambridge Assessment International Education.
-English Cambridge Young Learners (1st grade and 3rd grade) Evaluated by the British Council
-DELF: Evaluating Level A1.1 (1st grade), A1 Prim (2nd grade), A2 Prim (4th grade)
-Mandarin Exams YZP 1 (2nd grade), YZP (4th grade)

For Secondary:
-Cambridge English Exams (KET-6th grade) (PET-7th grade) (FCE- 9th grade) (IELTS-11th grade)
-DELF Junior A1 (6th grade), DELF Junior A2 (8th grade) B1 (11th grade)
-HSK 1 (6th grade), HSK 2 (8th grade)
-Cambridge Secondary Check Points evaluating english, maths and science
-PSAT (9th grade)
-SAT (10th grade)
-SAT (11th grade)
-Cambridge IGCSE: English, First Language Spanish, Maths, Coordinated Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Biology), ICT (Information, Comunication, Technology), Global Perspectives.
*Taking this exam and getting great results give the students the International Certificate of Education (ICE)

Results in these examinations

Overall the students, we are proud to say that they achieve what is expected for every exam, there's more than 90% of probability for them on passing in all the exams.

Do students practice religion at the school? What religion?

MBS promotes freedom of worship and respect for multiculturalism

School bus service available

Yes, we have our own transportation system in order to guarantee the safety of our students in and out campus.

Dedicated staff/programs for students with special learning needs

We are constantly hiring staff as it is required.

Learning support offered

Full accessibility throughout the campus (elevators, ramps, etc)

The school supports gifted, able and talented students

We are constantly encouraging our students to participate in contests, matholympics and other competitions of different kinds (artistic, academic, cultural) so that they exploit their gifts and obtain the recognition that we believe they deserve.

Student access to education psychologist

Yes, we have a full psychologist staff, each one of them focused on different needs (by age, profesional orientation, school life, mental health, etc)

School start time

7:30AM our students have their Daily Welcome with their group director before starting classes.

School finish time


Supervised care before/after school

We keep open our channels of contact with families and students directly in case they need it.

Extracurricular activities or clubs offered

We have a whole circuit inside our campus where students can develop sports (Football, Taekwondo, Swimming, Basketball..) and academic activities (Reinforcements, Homeworks Club) under the supervision of teachers, assistants and parents

School provided lunches

Yes, our students have two meals a day that are included in the monthly costs, we have a healthy eating plan that, in fact, extends to all school employees

Food alternatives for special dietary needs (ie. vegan, kosher, halal etc)

Of course. As we know that our group of students is diverse, so are their food cultures, which is why we offer vegetarian and vegan options on our daily menu,

Sports activities included

Martial Arts
Colombian dance
contemporary dance
pre ballet
Physical conditioning

Sports facilities at the school

We have the facilities needed for the practice of the following sports
Martial Arts
Colombian dance
contemporary dance
pre ballet
Physical conditioning

Sports teams or sport competitions available for students

We have sports teams that compete nationally and internationally with other schools and youth teams

Qualities and characteristics best defining the school

What definitely defines us is that we have achieved a curriculum full of areas of study and we have reached the equilibrium between academic, artistic, and languages learning. That's a plus here in Colombia, because not every school has such a large and complete curriculum for all the students.

Reach for Excellence, Multiculturality,

Teaching approach of the school

Focused on the students and their needs we have become a very demanding school and we hope the best of our students because we know they can achieve each goals they have in mind.

Our activities, spaces, and facilities help us achieve those goals in each subject, and we always want students to develop critical thinking and leadership skills to apply to every aspect of their lives.

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