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IB, American, and British
Ages 6 to 18

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CitySt. Gallen
CurriculumsIB, American, and British
Language of instructionEnglish
Age RangeAges 6 to 18
Boarding available
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Quick summary of key school information

Language of instruction English
Native English teachers
Extra languages (other than English)
Class sizes Average 8 students / class
Maximum 10 students / class
Extracurricular activities
School bus
School's webpage:
Yearly fees: from: CHF 150,000
to: CHF 150,000
Address: Höhenweg 60, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland

This school provides education to boarding students only.

All the details about this school in their own words

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Number of students


Number of nationalities represented in the school

Joining our Swiss international boarding school environment is ultimately a lifestyle-choice. If you are curious, ambitious and keen to meet like-minded people from all over the world, then we are the right place for you. Rosenberg students make a commitment to joining a highly international and diverse community, representing over 50 different nationalities. As a nice bonus, you gain independence and experience how you can adapt to new environments with ease.

Most common nationality

We celebrate diversity and we cannot imagine living in a world without differences. Our students preserve their own identity while embracing an open-minded, international perspective that is defined by mutual respect. Anyone having attended a Swiss boarding school like Rosenberg understands that there is a lot more that unites us than what divides us.

Ratio of local students to international students


Native English speaking teachers

Teachers are native speakers.

Language support for students not fluent in English

It is possible to request additional language support.

Additional language classes offered by the school

German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish and many others upon request.

Max. number of students per class


Average number of students per class


Use of technology in the classroom

Rosenberg students have exclusive access to the MY ROSENBERG IDP® student app, a seamless information platform for school calendars, grades, communication and much more. Optimised for Apple® and Android® mobile devices, students can even use the app to inform the school and their parents about their travel plans.

Is the school ready to use virtual classrooms when needed? (e.g. teaching lessons online if the school is closed, e.g. during COVID-19 closures)

The best way to experience our unique Swiss boarding school environment is to plan a personal visit. We appreciate that our families have busy schedules and consequently, we try to to allocate the most convenient times for them where ever possible.

Do students practice religion at the school? What religion?

All religions are allowed.

How does the school accommodate non-religious students or students of a different religion?

We respect the diversity of our students by not highlighting any specific religion.

External examinations or assessments available

Rosenberg has designed a challenging, international curriculum that offers unmatched depth and prepares students for a wide range of external examinations including IGCSEs, A-Levels, Advanced Placement (APs), the IB International Baccalaureate and the GIB DP Programme.

Results in these examinations

Highest Mark in Switzerland for iGCSE in Physics, Chemistry, Math and German.

Dedicated staff/programs for students with special learning needs

Rosenberg has taken holistic and individual learning to the next level. There has been much debate between educators about how students should be encouraged to take an active stake in their own education and at the same time being carefully guided towards discovering and reaching their individual goals for the future. At our Swiss boarding school, we meet the high ambitions of our students and families through our individual development planning.

Learning support offered

In this process, parents are part of team, sharing their vision for the education of their children with our specialists. We carefully map and monitor student progress, providing professional advice and support where necessary. Guidance counsellors and academic mentors provide regular feedback on progress while providing students with an ongoing point of contact for questions and support. The result is pure educational artisanship.

The school supports gifted, able and talented students

Our artisanal guidance ensures that each student receives the education that is most suited for their strengths and ambitions. Planning ahead, monitoring progress and providing expertise or support are the cornerstones of our individual development plans. Our experience shows that IDP® encourages students to reflect on their goals and achievement while growing self-awareness and a sense of ownership for their education.

Student access to education psychologist

A cold or a seasonal virus are the most commonly occurring sicknesses and we all catch them, at least once a year. Students who feel unwell inform their house tutor and the school’s health coordinator who liaises with our dedicated school doctor. We will arrange for students to see the doctor in most cases, even with minor symptoms, because we value a professional opinion. After all, we are the Artisans of Education, not of Medical Care. For more serious illnesses we rely on a network of specialists and with all major regional hospitals just a few minute’s drive away, our students receive the best health care they can get.

Entry evaluation for students

Applicants who pass the first reading stage may be invited for a personal interview and to sit the Rosenberg entry exams. Following the review of results taking into consideration the entire candidate profile, successful applicants will receive a direct offer or a conditional offer. Families then have a few days to formally accept the offer and guarantee the space by settling the first invoice.

Brief description of entry evaluation required

Among other information, we will require the following:
1 - Report cards for the previous three years of school.
2 - A personal statement (any media incl. video, collage, digital welcome).
3 - A scan of the applicant's passport.
4 - Any other information / documents which may support the application.
5 - Application fee (CHF 1'000.00 per candidate, non-refundable)

Deadline for registration (new academic year)

Generally speaking, the sooner the better. Depending on their home country’s academic schedule, applications reach us throughout the year, with the high season starting usually in October through to June. Spaces are allocated on a first-come basis and based on merit. Are you late in the game? Don’t be shy to ask, maybe we have a recent vacancy.

Students can join after academic year begins


School start time

Every student has a different schedule. The earliest the classes can start is 8 am.

Supervised care before/after school

Our artisanal guidance ensures that each student receives the education that is most suited for their strengths and ambitions. Planning ahead, monitoring progress and providing expertise or support are the cornerstones of our individual development plans. Our experience shows that IDP® encourages students to reflect on their goals and achievement while growing self-awareness and a sense of ownership for their education.

School bus service available

No, 95% of students are boarding students that live on campus.

School provided lunches

Providing healthy and balanced meals for a diverse, international boarding school community is no ordinary task, but Institut auf dem Rosenberg is no ordinary school. The culinary philosophy of the Rosenberg kitchen team is based on a profound commitment to quality; producing carefully planned and balanced meals to support students’ demanding daily learning and activity schedules.

Food alternatives for special dietary needs (ie. vegan, kosher, halal etc)

In addition, students can share their feedback and join the Rosenberg Kitchen team for master cooking classes, fostering their awareness of the culture and art of food while helping to continuously improve the culinary offering at our boarding school in Switzerland.The kitchen team’s pride, devotion and hard work is dedicated to the entire Rosenberg community, keeping all of its members happy and running on great food every day throughout the academic year.

Uniform required

Institut auf dem Rosenberg does not have a school uniform but a dress-code. From Monday to Friday, during breakfast and lunch, as well as during all academic lessons, our “formal dress” code applies. During this time, our boys wear suits and girls wear elegant trousers, skirts or dresses. At all other times during the week including at dinners or weekends, our students wear “smart casual”, which entails the option to wear sneakers and polo-shirts.

Extracurricular activities or clubs offered

More than 60 Co-Curricular Options, including: Diplomacy & Leadership, Wealth Creation & Investment, Applied Robotics, Art Portfolio, Survival Skills, Business Entrepreneurship, Biotechnology, Fashion & Textile Design, Family Business, Culinary Lab, School Band, Performing Arts, Creative Technology & Engineering.

More than 40 Athletic Options, including: Horse-Riding, Fencing, Basketball, Swimming, Archery, Yoga, Skiing, Tennis, Kickboxing, Golf, Football, Personal Training, Table Tennis, Mountain Biking, Hip Hop & Contemporary Dance.

Sports activities included

We are comitted to continously develop our Athletic courses in order to provide the best sports experience to our students. Our vast offering varies seasonally and can change as we introduce new courses or replace others. They are also all subject to demand as well as availabilty.
A World of Sports: Junior Table Tennis, Golf, & Martial Arts
Junior Martial Arts
Junior Mountain Biking
Junior Fencing
Junior Pony Riding
Junior Tennis
Junior Swimming
Junior Gymnastics and Acrobatics
Junior Snow Sports
Junior Personal Training
Junior Indoor Climbing
Junior Boxing
Junior Breakdancing
The Flying Circus
Primary Football
Junior Skiing
Circuit Training
Cross country & Vita Parkour
Energy Dance Fusion
Equestrian (Horseback Riding)
Gymnastics & Acrobatics
Hip Hop & Contemporary Dance
Ice Skating
Ice Hockey
Indoor Climbing
Indoor Running
Martial Arts
Mountain Biking
Power Workout
Personal Training
Personal Training with Nutritional Guidance
Street Workout
Table Tennis
World of Circus

Facilities at the school

Paying credit to the rapid advances in digitalisation and automation globally, the Rosenberg Creative Lab is a first-of-its-kind creativity space to further support students’ preparation for an exciting new world. The Rosenberg Creative Lab is a fully equipped learning and experimental environment, featuring dedicated workstations for art, design and technology including coding and robotics, to name just a few.
The HumaniX Pavillion, completed in 2022, is a completely sustainable learning space providing the platform that takes our education to the next level. As part of our Rosenberg |x| Humanix® qualification, we are training students' cognitive capacities and new literacies through the study of human connectives, preparing them to master 21st Century challenges in co-existence with intelligent machines. To support this teaching, the HumaniX Pavillion enables carousel teaching with its innovative Vitra® furniture concept, allowing flexible pedagogical architecture that challenges the stereotype of education.
In partnership with ETH Zurich, Boston Dynamics, SAGA Space Architects and Yasai, the Rosenberg Future Park is a playfield for our students to anticipate and shape the future of humanity on earth and beyond. It is the outdoor equivalent the Rosenberg Creative lab where art, technology and design form experimental extensions of human imagination and creativity.
The Multi-Media Centre is a dedicated learning center with purpose-built workspaces for research and self-study, providing Rosenberg students with access to books as well as thousands of e-books and online publications, including university grade academic journals and primary sources through JSTOR®.
The state-of-the-art Science Centre, is named in honor of the Nobel Prize Winner and Rosenberg Alumnus Mario J. Molina. The Science Centre features a professional laboratory and is well equipped beyond regular school standards.

Sports facilities at the school

Students have the option to sign-up for the Rosenberg Health & Fitness Club, featuring state of the art training equipment by TechnoGym® and SensoPro®, as well as professional guidance, including health and nutritional advice, provided by the school’s team of expert trainers.
Located at the heart of the Rosenberg campus is the 400 m2 golf training ground, featuring a professional multi-hole putting green, hitting-mats and obstacles including a sand bunker. Golf training for beginners and advanced players is supported by a team of professional golf pros.

Grades/ages available for boarding

From 6 to 19 y.o.
Our top boarding school environment nurtures independence as well as adaptability while offering an exclusive opportunity to meet like-minded peers from all over the world. Moreover, Rosenberg students are immersed in a stimulating learning environment from morning until evening, which gives them time to collaborate on projects and discover new interests.

Boarding facilities at the school

Our campus is home to art-nouveau-period villas set in 100’000 m2 of private parkland, sourounded by century-old nut-trees and the carefully landscaped gardens that create the canvas for a unique and tranquil learning environment. Rosenberg however, is much more than just a pretty campus. Our buildings feature state-of-the-art learning facilities and unrivalled student residences. After all, it is the inner values that count.

Qualities and characteristics best defining the school

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg is a Swiss boarding school providing a state-of-the-art, holistic learning environment for responsible leaders of the 21st century. Rosenberg is passionate about the development of meaningful learning experiences for children and young adults, typically aged 6 to 18 years.

Teaching approach of the school

Founded in 1889, Rosenberg's environment is renowned for its individual approach to education, enabling outstanding academic performance while featuring an unmatched array of Talent & Enrichment courses, all designed to broaden young minds and nurture their creativity.

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