International curriculum
Ages 3 to 15

Melbourne Specialist International School

Age RangeAges 3 to 15
International Baccalaureate No
Avg. students per class -
Max. students per class 19
First year fees: SGD $32,458

Fees / Price

School fees, for a twelve year old child , in SGD

Yearly fees: SGD $31,388
When you first enroll your children in the school, some extra fees are applied:
One time fees: SGD $1,070
Total first year fees: SGD $32,458
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School Information

Number of students


Max. number of students per class


Language support for students not fluent in the school's language of instruction


Use of technology in the classroom

Students of all ages at MSIS within the school, work with information technology that will support and enhance their learning. Interactive Whiteboards, iPads and touch tables augment student engagement with learning while staff employ appropriate use of information technologies and the associated software in order to assist in the achievement of students’ individual learning goals.

Uniform required


Deadline for registration (new academic year)

No deadline.

Students can join after academic year begins


Dedicated staff/programs for students with special learning needs

MSIS is a school for students with special needs.

School start time

Full day: 8:30 am
Morning Half Day: 8:30 am
Afternoon Half Day: 2:00 pm

School finish time

Full day: 3:00 pm
Morning Half Day: 12:00 pm
Afternoon Half Day: 5:00 pm

Sports activities included

Physical education is taught from early years to the transition years. In the early years, students learn such skills as turn taking, comprehending and following instructions through games. Through the able assistance of the school physiotherapist the children have the opportunity to learn and practice basic stretches and exercises.
Students in the foundation and pathways sub schools have the opportunity to learn and practice skills from a number of sports including soccer, basketball and Australian Rules Football (AFL).
The Aquatic Program is an engaging experience for students aimed at developing physical, social and cognitive skills in a safe and enjoyable environment. Students are given the opportunity and support to build confidence in the pool and gain respect for the water as they participate in water familiarisation, stroke development, and safety and survival activities.
During swimming sessions the main focus is on developing independence, exploring the water, active participation, developing water confidence, learning water safety skills and learning how to move through the water.
Bike Education is a very exciting and important part of the health and physical education program at MSIS.

Sports facilities at the school


Qualities and characteristics best defining the school

Melbourne Specialist International School is a school for students with special needs. MSIS prides itself in being inclusive. Students who come to MSIS have found it difficult to adapt to the educational and social demands of mainstream facilities. Some have unidentifiable learning disorders. MSIS develops its student’s individual capabilities through the delivery of a Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Programme. MSIS uses the disciplines of Dance, Music, Art and Drama as the tool to teach students functional Numeracy, Literacy and Independent Living Skills.

MSIS Programs:
3 to 4 years – pre kindergarten
5 years – kindergarten
6 years – early years

7 years – foundation years year one
8 years – foundation year’s year two
9 years – pathways year three

10 years pathways – year four
11 to 12 – transition years – year 5
12 to 14 – transition years – year 6

Teaching approach of the school

The student programs at MSIS are influenced and informed by a range of professionals. Classroom Teachers, Specialists Teachers in the area of Dance, Music, Art and Drama work with Therapists within a shared co-teaching environment. That is, the therapists work in the classroom to demonstrate and teach staff how to use appropriate therapy approaches with your children. This enables professional skills and knowledge to be imparted to the class teacher. The teacher is then able to utilise therapy strategies consistently throughout the day and week to meet the individual needs of all the students in their classes.

Students access the input of this range of disciplines based on their priority needs. These priorities may change at different points of a student’s life and circumstance. Each students’ progress, priorities, needs, and services are reviewed at the Students Support Group (SSG) meeting twice per year.

MSIS places a major emphasis on the teaching and learning environment which exists both within and outside the classroom environment.


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