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Sacred Heart School

3.1 (based on 2 reviews)

Full review by Thulayb Macky Zain

Thulayb Macky Zain

- Fantastic
Student in Sacred Heart School, September 2020
- Fantastic

Sacred Heart School instills discipline, respect and overall proper ethical values in student.
It is the best school I've ever gone to and it will remain as one of the top schools in Bahrain.

Breakdown of rating
Overall opinion - Fantastic
Teachers - Very Good
Academics - Fantastic
Facilities - Very Good
School Atmosphere - Very Good
Administration - Good

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- Average
Student in Sacred Heart School, December 2021
- Average

Firstly, the teachers are very unqualified with many teaching subjects they haven't studied with a qualification. I've had an instance where a physics teacher kept saying that current and voltage are the same, and 2 years later she still says it to the younger years. Obviously this is untrue.

The school's staff, teachers and admin lack the notion of respect, both for parents and students, racism against arabs is very prevalent and your treatment is often determined by the colour of your skin. Here, being a non-arab is your greatest asset.

The principal is unfortunately incompetent, you'd think in a Catholic school there would be a fragment of mercy and a gateway to teach children what is right or wrong, that doesn't exist. The principal is very headstrong and does not take on board student satisfaction or parental advice or tutelage which is often very disheartening.

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Breakdown of rating
Overall opinion - Average
Teachers - Terrible
Academics - Good
Facilities - Terrible
School Atmosphere - Terrible
Administration - Terrible

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CurriculumsBritish and Christian
Language of instructionEnglish
Age RangeAges 4 to 16
Yearly fees: Not public
Reviews: 3.1
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