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Ages 6 to 14

Tokyo YMCA International School

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CurriculumsAmerican and International
Language of instructionEnglish
Age RangeAges 6 to 14

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Quick summary of key school information

Language of instruction English
Native English teachers
Extra languages (other than English)
Class sizes Average
Maximum 23 students / class
Extracurricular activities
School bus
School's webpage:
Yearly fees: from: ¥1,716,000
to: ¥1,716,000
Address: 2-2-20 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0016
Is this school a perfect match for you?

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  • Based on 10 different criteria including price and location
  • Fees personalised to your childrens’ ages

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Max. number of students per class


Language support for students not fluent in English

TYIS also provides highly structured English as an Additional Language (EAL) for those students needing extra assistance acquiring English. EAL classes regularly use the English in a Flash program to help students quickly learn the sounds, vocabulary, and basic grammar of English. Small class size, together with a caring, nurturing staff, ensures a positive English learning experience that is truly student-centered.

Additional language classes offered by the school


Use of technology in the classroom

TYIS feels that technology is an essential tool for student learning. It is important that the knowledge and skills students are acquiring in school are aligned with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the increasingly global, technology infused 21st Century workplace. To meet this objective there are various technology-based education programs implemented at TYIS:

Computer Classes on Mac - All students G1 to G6 have weekly computer classes to develop projects which are integrated with the mainstream curriculum. Students use Apple MacBooks to compose literary pieces, design brochures, create multimedia presentations and commercials, make podcasts, learn keyboarding skills and use digital cameras to record still images and movies.

English in a Flash - English in a Flash is an English language learning software program offered by Renaissance Place based in the United States. Each student is tested for his or her current English language ability and the lessons are then presented depending upon their level of proficiency. Each lesson displays images and provides the correct pronunciation associated with the image. The program is fast-paced and students repeat the vocabulary in unison with the program. The program consists of 3 libraries with 15 chapters in each library. Each chapter has 90 vocabulary words for a total of 4,050 English words. As students progress through the chapters, single vocabulary terms are combined into sentence structures of increasing difficulty. This program enables students to quickly improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. All EEP and Kindergarten students are enrolled in this program.

Accelerated Reader - The Accelerated Reader Program (AR) is a reading-based system that tracks the development of students’ reading skills. The program keeps a running record of assessment reflecting student quiz scores about books they have read. AR is an individualized program where students read at their appropriate level and take computer generated quizzes after finishing the book.
At the beginning of every semester, students take the STAR Reading Test to determine their current reading level. The program monitors students’ answers during the test and adjusts the difficulty level of the questions. This process enhances the validity of the test results. The results are then used to select books from the library at the students’ appropriate reading levels, which are then read at their own pace. After reading the book, the students take a multiple choice quiz for the book on a computer. The program offers teachers insight to the challenges and achievements of individual students. Parents are also able to follow their child’s progress and reading list through the Renaissance Place "Home Connect" feature. The program offers quizzes in three key areas: Reading Practice, Vocabulary Practice and Literacy Skills. Also available are quizzes for every grade based on selections from the Houghton Mifflin Reading anthologies used at TYIS. At the end of every month, students receive achievement certificates based on a point system that correlates with the books they have read and the scores achieved on quizzes.

Uniform required


Entry evaluation for students

English screening

Brief description of entry evaluation required

An applicant is expected to take several tests to determine their English proficiency (i.e. speaking, listening, reading, writing) and academic ability. These tests are to determine if your child requires the EAL (English as an Additional Language). English abililty is crucial for your children’s academic success at TYIS.

Deadline for registration (new academic year)

No deadline. Applications are always accepted as long as there’s space available in the grade for which you are applying.

Do students practice religion at the school? What religion?

No. Although the YMCA is based upon Christian philosophy, the YMCA and TYIS welcome students and families from many faiths which strengthen its relationships and understanding.

School bus service available


School start time

8:30 am

School finish time

2:45 pm

Extracurricular activities or clubs offered

TYIS offers a variety of after-school programs throughout the school year. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a range of fun activities Tuesday through Friday after school every week. Most of the clubs are free except for an occasional fee to cover the cost of materials. Some of the clubs in the past years have been Drama, Cooking, Art, Computer Skills, Floor Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Athletics (Track and Field), Frisbee, Cheerleading, Public Speaking and Entrepreneurial Club.

School provided lunches


Sports activities included

Physical education and swimming

Sports facilities at the school

25 meter swimming pool and a shallow swimming pool, gymnasium, roof-top soccer courts and parks

Qualities and characteristics best defining the school

Tokyo YMCA International School provides an education guided by the YMCA core values of caring, respect, responsibility, and honesty, plus the importance of community and a high level of academic excellence. To instill and nurture success within the school's diverse school population, TYIS encourages its students to develop an awareness and appreciation of cultural identity and individual acceptance.

Teaching approach of the school

TYIS offers a viable, integrated curriculum coupled with international content standards, technology, and extra curricular programs.
TYIS uses a North American curriculum as its foundation for the core subjects: Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, which are adapted to international content standards. This academically challenging curriculum compliments and reinforces the school's content standards, while providing ample opportunities for students to acquire new skills and knowledge in order to express themselves in unique ways. Integrated within this base curriculum are classes in Physical Education/Swimming, Music, Art, Computer Skills, and Japanese. TYIS incorporates the Complete 4 for Literacy into the reading/writing workshop classroom curriculum. The Complete 4 for Literacy consists of: process, genre, strategy, and conventions to effectively equip students with the necessary skills to become successful readers and writers. In addition, TYIS uses the Accelerated Reader program from Renaissance Place as a complementary component of the school-wide reading/writing workshop structure.

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