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- Very Good
January 10, 2022
- Very Good

The curriculum and principles are very approachable and friendly. The students were fantastic and I enjoyed teaching them. The school has great potential and a lot of support for everyone..

However, the first grade team were very unprofessional and they made you feel like an outsider. Those teachers were passive aggressive, and they made the experience difficult. I was bullied from day one and many other teachers had been victim to this. Many staff were undermined in front of the superiors and reported similar experiences. Furthermore, the leaders failed to step in and identify the signs. I hope for the future they take note of this and see how this effects the culture, climate and messes with the staffs welfare.

Moreover, I left the school by resigning shortly after enduring months of this. I felt that I should put my health first over the bullying. It is a great shame becaus... read full review

Breakdown of rating
Overall opinion - Fantastic
Teachers - Terrible
Academics - Good
Facilities - Fantastic
School Atmosphere - Terrible
Administration - Good

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Language of instructionEnglish
Age RangeAges 6 to 18
Reviews: 3.8