Phnom Penh
British, International, and Khmer curriculums
Ages 2 to 17


Southbridge International School Cambodia

1.8 (based on 1 review)

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- Average
Parent of a student in Southbridge International School Cambodia, June 2021
- Average

I had high hopes for SISC as it's close to our home and has a dual curriculum (international and khmer). Unfortunately the khmer curriculum was no better than government schools and complaints were never listened to. The only difference between SISC and a public school is the location. Several other parents withdrew their kids to go to public schools because the khmer teachers were better there.

The international curriculum was ok but my kid's teacher changed 3 times in one year so I never knew who to speak to. I didn't know why the teachers left or what my kid was learning about.

The facilities look very nice, but when you go inside it looks no better than tier 3 schools, vague quotes on the walls and giant posters that have nothing to do with either curriculum, it felt like no thought had been put in to education, just appearance. The big sports field was great, but breaks were so short my kid sometimes didn't have enough time to finish eating and play. Not once in 3 years did my kid get to swim either, all facilities are for show, not use.

I withdrew my kid from the school this year after finding out the new HoS had been fired from his last school for misconduct. I want my kid to be safe at school and trust those in charge to be qualified and trustworthy, this is not the case anymore. Such a shame.

My review states 'average' only in comparison to lower tier schools as SISC has all of the basics, just no clue.

Breakdown of rating
Overall opinion - Average
Teachers - Average
Academics - Terrible
Facilities - Average
School Atmosphere - Average
Administration - Terrible

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CurriculumsBritish, International, and Khmer
Language of instructionEnglish
Age RangeAges 2 to 17
Reviews: 1.8
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