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Best 5 International Schools in Swiss Alps

International Education in Swiss Alps

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Switzerland’s reputation for international education stretches back for over a century. From the late 19th century onwards, and especially during the world wars, it was common for affluent families across Europe to send their children to boarding schools in the Swiss Alps. This was not only due to the country’s excellent standards of education, but also because of its political and economic position as a ‘safe haven’. The tradition continues today, and there are several excellent international schools in the Swiss Alps to choose from.

With impeccable facilities, highly experienced teaching staff, and awe-inspiring scenery on the doorstep, an international school in the Swiss Alps is probably the most idyllic setting for your child’s education. However it does come with one significant downside - Switzerland is among the most expensive countries in the world for international education, and fees for the Swiss Alps’ international schools tend to be higher than other regions of the country. This is mostly because they are almost all boarding schools, so your fees include not just education, but accommodation, food, and a more extensive extra curricular program than usual.

International schools can be found across alpine regions in Switzerland - two in the east towards the Austrian/Italian borders, two in the centre between Lucerne and Grindelwald, and several in the west, within a few hours of the French border and the cities of Lausanne and Geneva. The town of Verbier in the southwest corner of the country is home to three different international schools.

In keeping with international schools across Switzerland, schools in the Swiss Alps are usually multilingual teaching English and French or German at a minimum, depending on the region. It is also quite common for schools to offer more than one curriculum, the most popular being the International Baccalaureate (IB), British, and the national Swiss curriculum. Class sizes are small, often with less than 15 students per class.

International schools in the Swiss Alps will be like a second home for your child in many ways. Due to the lower numbers of students and the holistic, hands-on approach that many schools in the region take, close-knit school communities where students, parents, and teachers alike are in close and constant contact are very common. Even your child attends during the day only (several schools do offer this), they will still feel as though they are an integral part of the school ‘family’.

Although small in size, the student body of a typical international school in the Swiss Alps is impressively diverse. Due to their stellar reputation, families from all over the world choose international schools in this region. While you will usually find some local students, many Swiss families opt to enroll their children in the national school system instead of choosing an international school, since the standard of education is equally high and the cost is free.

Below, we have compiled the top 5 international schools in Swiss Alps according to our users. However, there are another 3 schools to choose from in the city. You can find the best international school for your child by personalising your results. Just fill in your search criteria, and we will calculate a personal score for every international school in Swiss Alps based on your requirements.

Best 5 International Schools in Swiss Alps

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Ecole d'Humanité

The Ecole d’Humanité is a progressive, college-prep boarding school in the heart of Switzerland. The Ecole d’Humanité offers an academically challenging, holistic curriculum on an idyllic village-like campus in the Swiss Alps. An innovative program develops confidence, curiosity, and 21st-century skills vital for success in a dynamic future. Supported by a dedicated team of educational professionals, students at the Ecole d'Humanité chart their individual pathways to success - as graduates of top universities, visionary artists, or innovative entrepreneurs.
American, Swiss
Languages of instruction
English, German
13 to 18
Yearly fees - 2022/2023
from: CHF 65,000
to: CHF 65,000

Hochalpines Institut Ftan Swiss International School and Sports Academy

Founded in 1793, HIF Swiss International Boarding School and Sports Academy is committed to the highest standards of teaching and individual achievement in a school culture based on kindness and understanding. It is a co-educational secondary school with strong local roots, which caters to the needs of students of all cultures. HIF offers a range of programmes recognised by the world’s leading universities. A bilingual programme (English-German) leads to the Swiss Matura. The school is a centre for the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and has just officially obtained the status of IB World School.
IB, British, Swiss
Languages of instruction
English, German
12 to 18
Yearly fees - 2022/2023
from: CHF 55,750
to: CHF 59,350

Le Régent International School

Le Régent, an IB World School and Apple Distinguished School, is the youngest and the most progressive international boarding and day school in Switzerland. Academic excellence, technology, and sport flourish at 1,500m in the unique environment of Crans-Montana, surrounded by 4000m peaks in the sunniest and most mountainous of Swiss cantons.
Purpose-built for children aged 3 to 18, Le Régent offers a flexible and bespoke academic programme leading to IGCSEs, the IB and the Régent Graduation Diploma - which combines IB certificates with specialist sports tracks in golf and skiing.
Le Régent takes full advantage of Crans-Montana’s magnificent skiing, hiking paradise, privileged microclimate, and Switzerland’s finest golf course. Synonymous with challenges, adventure, expeditions and activities, creativity and wellbeing, the unique experience offered at Le Régent is designed to stretch students both physically and mentally, deepen their cultural understanding while giving breadth and depth to academic learning.
Le Régent Outdoor education programme and its expeditions. In our remarkable environment, the Outdoor Education programme inspires and empowers young people, while building the resilience required for both the professional and personal sphere. The Crans-Montana area is a perfect setting for a superb range of activities, led by qualified and experienced professionals, creating moments of self-discovery and increased environmental awareness.
Adventure activities include: Rock climbing, Via Ferrata, Zip Lines, Canyoning, E-Biking, VTT downhill climbing, Paddle boarding, Whitewater rafting, Canoeing/Kayaking, Mine exploration, Snow tubing, Freestyle skiing, Heliskiing, Climbing summits in Valais from 2000m+ to 4000m+, Bisse hiking.
Le Régent is unique amongst Swiss international schools in having LAMDA as part of its curriculum.
Through a bespoke programme, LAMDA acts as a doorway for students to reach their own personal potential in public speaking, as well as helping students to express themselves, especially when English might not be their first language. Results are excellent with 89% of all students achieving Distinctions .
IB, British, International
Languages of instruction
English, French
3 to 18
Yearly fees - 2023/2024
from: CHF 23,400
to: CHF 48,000

John F. Kennedy International School

John F. Kennedy International School is an independent day and boarding school set in the beautiful Swiss Alps at the famous ski and summer resort of Gstaad.
JFK is proud of its international and multi-cultural ethos, and the way its community collaborates to make a difference. JFK's world-renowned curriculum is built on the best of global standards.
Language of instruction
3 to 14
Yearly fees - 2022/2023
from: CHF 38,600
to: CHF 39,400

Copperfield Verbier

In any school, one has a feel for what the school community focuses upon. This can be the school’s league table placing for exam results, places at top universities, the school’s prestige, a comfortable life for the staff, or profitability for the owners.

Copperfield’s focus is community itself: the creation of strong links between students, staff, parents and the broader community within which the school rests. This is because our understanding is that schools occupy a unique position in any community, with a responsibility to support children to become adults. A school must serve its community, and its students.

Only through service can leadership arise, and all other educational goals flow from and depend upon the school’s leadership position. This is a huge challenge and requires transparency, humility and patience. And it requires the school to role-model self-acceptance: recognising that we are all imperfect, all doing our best to be happy, and all aiming to improve a little more each day.
IB, British
Languages of instruction
English, French
4 to 18
Yearly fees - 2022/2023
from: CHF 31,500
to: CHF 46,500

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