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Ranches Primary School

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Full review by Sara Al

Sara Al

- Terrible
Parent of a student in Ranches Primary School, November 2021
- Terrible

They deleted my comment from my other account... that the principle was threatening me to delete this comment, this is not school it's a gang of bullies from the principle to vice principal to a teacher called her students with bad names and threatening them!!!
Bad experience, unprofessional staff any one can be a teacher there, a music teacher can teach year 4 all the subjects including Art and ICT.
PE teacher changed his mind and wants to be a teacher for year 3 and teach all the subjects, a journalist teach year 3 and became a head of science. A mommy registered her kids and wants to be a teacher...
THERE IS NO MATH ,Art, ICT, or SCIENCES teacher in the whole school!!!!
If u speaks English and you want to be a can be a teacher in this school what ever your background is....maybe you will be a head of science and you don't have a specialty qualification in it!! if u live in the area and u think its near, yes it is but it is faaaaaar away from educational ethics and values and professionalism

Bad experience in online teaching last year during the pandemic as well, there was no virtual classes, just copy paste worksheet activities from educational websites and YouTube videos, they assumed all parents are educated and can deliver the subjects to their kids!!
And when the kids returned back to school we discovered its the same as online copy paste materials without any efforts seen from the teachers.
Last thing happened in this school one of the teachers was treating my son badly and shouting, screaming at him all the time, and my son was scared to tell me, until one of the parents contacted me and told me that her daughter was scared and she refused to go to school because of that teacher's screaming on my son, it ended up by my son chchanging his classroom and attending sessions with a psychologist!

Breakdown of rating
Overall opinion - Terrible
Teachers - Terrible
Academics - Terrible
Facilities - Terrible
School Atmosphere - Terrible
Administration - Terrible

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