Learning and the Learner is at the heart of all curricular and co-curricular decisions at The Grange Institution (TGI). The school is designed to be a small, reasonably-priced international school that caters to overseas families living in Singapore. More importantly the school appeals to parents who want a child-centred, culturally diverse and green learning environment in a small school setting. With 19 different nationalities already represented across 3 year levels in just the 2nd school year, TGI looks to be a true mini global village where every member is uniquely different yet very much a valued member of a tribe.

The Grange adopts an innovative and progressive approach to learning. As the only school in Singapore to deliver both the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and Cambridge International Primary Curriculum, the school offers a balanced blend of both rigorous structured subject learning and inquiry-based thematic learning. Their balanced and holistic international education also includes Personal, Social & Physical Education (PSPE), Music, Art and Technology/Coding.

Active Citizens are advocates of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and know that their actions can be personal, localised or far-reaching.

Driving the school’s curriculum is their one-of-a-kind Cre8tors-in-Action educational philosophy. This is the DNA of the “Grange Kids”, whom the school envisioned who will become “creators” with 8 core competencies (Construction and Design, Respecting the Environment, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Active Citizenship, Teamwork and Partnership, Original Ideas, Recognising Issues and Service Leadership) that will prepare them for to become effective global citizens.

Constructors and Designers possess the skills to conceptualise an idea and to apply the design process to construct a product.

The school has many working partnerships with industry professionals with the aim to offer truly unique learning experiences through their Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), urban farming, architecture and entrepreneurship initiatives to provide real world applications and tailor proprietary curriculum contents specially only for TGI. Co-curricular offerings are also not of the mundane and run-off-the-mill kinds, with options such as Taiko-Drumming, Parkour, Tumbling and Dance, ArKIDtect, and many more as the range expands to cater to the growing student population. There seems to be never a dull moment for any Grange Kids at the school.

Respecters of the Environment learn to implement sustainable practices to care for, respect and protect the environment we interact with.

With its setting in a lush, green natural environment along one of the green belts in Singapore, The Grange is uniquely positioned to promote sustainability-focused learning through carefully designed and selected units of learning. The school has plans to introduce a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Eco-School Programme and their own Green Granger programme in the coming year, where students can increase their awareness of current environmental issues. A lifelong attitude towards environmental respect, conservation and protection are best caught (and not just taught) by immersing students in such a different learning environment compared to other schools. Through this, The Grange hopes that all her students will learn to advocate for sustainable practices in their everyday lives, and become true active global citizens.