With over 50 international schools in Singapore to choose from, parents often wonder which one would suit their children best in terms of its curriculum, culture, facilities, fees, etc., and the list goes on… Here are 5 reasons why you should consider The Grange Institution (TGI)!

  1. TGI is the first international school in Singapore to offer the combination of the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum to deliver rigorous learning in English, Mathematics and Science, and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to enable students to learn about the world through a multi-disciplinary thematic approach. Together with our future-focused Cr8tors-In-Action education philosophy, this novel approach helps TGI to effectively equip our students with the right aptitude for academic and personal success. This also means that when families relocate in the future, their children will find it easier to adapt to schools elsewhere.
  2. We have an on-going Garden-To-Table project where our students and their families get to enjoy fresh produce such as brinjal, okra, long beans, etc., from TGI's garden. This project is part of our efforts to incorporate education about sustainability and in support of Singapore's government's initiatives to encourage urban farming and healthy living.
  3. TGI has partnered up with VERE360, a technology start-up to create proprietary VR & AR contents for our IPC Units of Learning - and in doing so, became the first school in the world to offer learners with such a unique collaborative experience. VERE360 complements The Grange's future-focused curriculum by using virtual reality, bringing students' learning to life! Virtual reality empowers teachers to conduct highly engaging lessons that leads to great retention of knowledge.
  4. A new 135sqm outdoor facility expansion, slated to be completed later this year for our learners, is strategically connected with nature for students to explore and get creative. This new upgrade will include a customised playframe and running tracks.
  5. TGI offers affordable school fees below $20,000. We are running a promotion that gives $2,000 off the enrolment fee to first 20 who sign up, and we have an ongoing referral fee programme and sibling discount as well. We will be having a virtual webinar on 22 May 2021 to introduce our school. To join, please go to https://tinyurl.com/tgiOH2205.

We understand that searching for the perfect school for your child(ren) is never easy and sometimes could be overwhelming. Please feel free to drop us an email at enquiry@thegrange.edu.sg or give us a call at +65 6817 3630 should you have any questions.