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Full review by Jonathan Leigh

Jonathan Leigh

- Fantastic
Parent of a student in Saint Maur International School, October 2022
- Fantastic

This school is definitely on the demanding side in terms of academics (we had heard about this, and this is why we chose it) but it left our two sons very well prepared for high school/university when we had to move out from Japan. Homework is substantial and needs to be done regularly, but it always seems to be purpose-driven and contribute to furthering what was taught in class. The teachers are very helpful and generous with their time, they are definitely one of the major strengths of this school.

We were not too keen on the uniform thing at first but in hindsight, it simplified things in the morning and seemed to give a sense of "belonging" to the students. In general, the students are very polite and well behaved (it is particularly noticeable in the train in the way they interact with the Japanese people).

We are not a religious family so we didn't care much about the masses, etc. but those were kept at a minimum (I believe that there are just a couple of compulsory ones per year). The religious teachings are very Christian-based though and I don't think that students learn much about other religions.

Overall a great school with a strong community and a good teachers-students-parents relationship.

Breakdown of rating
Overall opinion - Fantastic
Teachers - Fantastic
Academics - Fantastic
Facilities - Very Good
School Atmosphere - Fantastic
Administration - Good

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