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Ages 4 to 18

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School Fee

How much does it cost for a 4 year old to attend one year at International Christian School of Lima?

Total: S/. 32,350

The first year of enrolment, the price would be S/. 75,736 due to additional one time fees (see details below).
Fees for a 4 year old child.
Based on 2022/2023 fees.

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School Fees Structure

School tuition for the first year of enrolment, based on the fees published for academic year 2022/2023
Four-Year-Old Child ‐ Kindergarten 2
Type of Fee Term of Fee Price (PEN)
Entrance Fee One-Time Fee S/. 39,010
Matriculation Fee One-Time Fee S/. 3,235
Application Fee One-Time Fee S/. 1,142
Tuition Fee Annual S/. 32,350
TOTAL for first year S/. 75,736

Annual School Fees

Overview of total annual fees per grade (excluding the first year one-time fees).
Based on published prices for academic year 2022/2023.
Age Grade Total Fees
4 Kindg. 2 S/. 32,350
5 Kindg. 3 S/. 42,626
6 Grade 1 S/. 47,573
7 Grade 2 S/. 47,573
8 Grade 3 S/. 47,573
9 Grade 4 S/. 47,573
10 Grade 5 S/. 47,573
11 Grade 6 S/. 49,476
12 Grade 7 S/. 49,476
13 Grade 8 S/. 49,476
14 Grade 9 S/. 49,476
15 Grade 10 S/. 49,476
16 Grade 11 S/. 49,476
17 Grade 12 S/. 49,476
Prices shown are illustrative only and subject to change. Schools may or may not raise their prices for future academic years.


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CurriculumsAmerican and Christian
Language of instructionEnglish
Age RangeAges 4 to 18
Yearly fees (K2): S/. 32,350
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