Buenos Aires
Argentinian, British curriculum
Ages 2 to 18

Glasgow College

CurriculumArgentinian, British
Age RangeAges 2 to 18
International Baccalaureate No
Avg. students per class -
Max. students per class -
First year fees: ARS $0

Fees / Price

This school does not make their fees public.

School Information

Additional language classes offered by the school


Use of technology in the classroom

Each institutional level has Smart Boards, boards whose surface is an interactive display and touchscreen from which you can control any PC application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Internet browsing.
LCD and projectors with screens.
Information Technology Room with modern computers, LCD monitors and free Internet access.

External examinations/assessments available


School start time


School finish time


Extracurricular activities or clubs offered

Portuguese, art, music, organ, information technology, body movement, chess, artistic skating, football, rhythmic gymnastic, entrepreneurial experiance, Math, drama.

School provided lunches


Sports activities included

Physical education

Sports facilities at the school


Sports teams or sport competitions available for students


Qualities and characteristics best defining the school

Glasgow College is a bilingual, secular and mixed institution. Led by highly capable people who are experienced and constantly improving in calibre, it offers the following stages of education: Nursery School, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary.
Glasgow College aims to foster in its pupils the enterprising spirit necessary for them to attain their goals. It promotes an education centred on understanding, allowing the pupils to become critical thinkers, capable of raising and solving problems. Graduates from Glasgow College will be people who can deal with the complexity that exists in the contemporary world.

Teaching approach of the school

The pupils’ interests are considered essential, as an important starting point for learning. Glasgow College avoids memorising and the learning of concepts without truly understanding them. Academic subjects are not taught in isolation and Glasgow College endeavours to incorporate learning into everyday activities.

By means of interdisciplinary work, the contents of various academic fields integrate with each other and provide focus for the all-round development of the pupil. GC aims for a unified criterion, avoiding the repetition of material in both languages by way of an Integrated Bilingual Curriculum.


Get in touch with the school

Address: Av. Ricchieri 37, 1661, Buenos Aires, Argentina