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St. Lawrence College - The British School in Greece

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- Terrible
February 19, 2024
- Terrible

The school is substandard and does not live up to its claims. It has terrible facilities (no senior school library, no community hall space, under-equipped science laboratories, cramped classrooms, multiple temporary classroom spaces), it retains teachers who are clearly not doing a good job and receiving multiple parental complaints and it has admitted too many students for the building infrastructure. In short it has turned itself from a vibrant school community into a dry, theory-focussed exam factory. One can only assume the owners are making every effort to increase turnover in order to attract a buy-out, as students are no longer the focus of the school's aims.

Breakdown of rating
Overall opinion - Terrible
Teachers - Good
Academics - Average
Facilities - Terrible
School Atmosphere - Average
Administration - Terrible

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