The IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) is a reputed two-year programme for secondary school students between 16 and 18 years of age that prepares them for university and beyond.

When the IBDP exam results are announced each year, there is a great deal of excitement among students, parents and teachers. The results showcase students’ and teachers’ hard work and dedication to excellence. In addition, prestigious universities around the world use the IBDP results when evaluating college applications.

As the IB Diploma offers a solid pathway to advanced study and makes students future-ready, we’re incredibly excited about our students’ results, announced on 6th July 2022. Families who would like their children to study at a top university should consider an international school like GIIS (Global Indian International School), which offers an excellent IB Diploma programme in Singapore.

Examining the 2022 IBDP Results

This year, in Singapore, over 1,700 students from 30 local and international schools took the IBDP. At a minimum, students must achieve 23 points to earn an IB Diploma, while a perfect score is 45 points. Not surprisingly, Singapore’s average score of 37.49 exceeds the global average of 31.98.

Likewise, GIIS students who took the IBDP in May 2022 received outstanding scores. The school’s average of 38.6 exceeded Singapore’s average, continuing a trend of excellent results for more than a decade. Additionally, 10 of our students scored a perfect 45 and earned World Topper status, while 16 students scored a near-perfect 44, and 81 students — or 52% of the cohort — earned 40 or more points. We celebrate these results as they demonstrate the excellence of our students and school.

Here’s a graph demonstrating the GIIS vs World IBDP average

Benefits of the IBDP

The IBDP curriculum includes 6 subject groups: Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Language and Literature, Language Acquisition and Individuals and Societies, plus three core components: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS). The IB programme helps students to ask questions, cultivate curiosity and creativity, research extensively, solve problems and think critically.

The programme also promotes international mindedness and cultural awareness, which equips students to engage, collaborate and work with diverse people in our rapidly changing world.

Why Study the IBDP at GIIS

GIIS has offered the IBDP to students for 15 years and is ranked as an IB Top 50 school in the world based on IBDP results. We give students a holistic and value-based education that prepares them for life. In addition to our IB DP results, you may also wish to enrol your child at GIIS because of our excellent teachers, state-of-the-art infrastructure, value-oriented fees, and university placement success.

Qualified instructors and coordinators implement world-class teaching standards, prioritise each student and offer individual guidance. Equally important, 100% of our teachers are IB-trained, 75% have taught the IB Diploma Programme for more than five years, and 60% are IB examiners who have undergone extensive training and a stringent selection process. These individuals make the programme a success.

A quick glimpse of what some of our students say about the programme, our teachers and their future plans.

GIIS’ versatile learning environment incorporates smart technology, tools, resources and state-of-the-art facilities that promote learning. Our skill-based studios and well-equipped indoor and outdoor sports facilities, music, visual arts and performing arts spaces ensure students develop multiple skills and explore their passion.

University placements help students to attend leading schools in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, India, Japan and beyond. Our career counselling programme helps students shortlist schools and find the best fit among them. The team also helps to guide students in crafting their resumes, college essays and personal statements, obtain teacher recommendation letters, complete applications and track the entire process. Some of the universities where students have been placed at in the last 3 years include Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, King’s College, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Brown university, Cornell university, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, the University of Tokyo, the University of Hong Kong and many more.

Learn more about the IB Diploma Programme at GIIS and how it can lead to placement at the world’s universities by contacting us to schedule a one-on-one meeting with an admissions counsellor.