American and Christian curriculums
Ages 6 to 18

Christian International School of Prague - Fees

School Fees for the First Year

Based on the fees published for academic year 2020/2021
Eleven-Year-Old Child ‐ Grade 6
Type of Fee Term of Fee Price (CZK)
Enrolment Fee One-Time Fee 6,000 Kč 1
Application Fee One-Time Fee 4,000 Kč
Capital Fee Annual 8,000 Kč 2
Activity Fee Annual 5,700 Kč 3
Registration Fee Annual 4,000 Kč
Tuition Fee Annual 165,481 Kč

One-time fees when signing up 10,000 Kč

Yearly fees 183,181 Kč

Total first year fees 193,181 Kč

1 2000 CZK will be credited toward tuition if the enrollment process is completed by the designated date.
2 Funds will be set aside for the acquisition of a building or other capital expenditures.
3 Supports the activities that are an essential part of the excellent education program CISP provides.

Projected Prices for Subsequent Years

Based on the prices published for academic year 2020/2021
1st child TOTAL
Next year G7 184,931 Kč 184,931 Kč
In 2 years G8 186,431 Kč 186,431 Kč
In 3 years G9 194,931 Kč 194,931 Kč
In 4 years G10 194,931 Kč 194,931 Kč
In 5 years G11 194,931 Kč 194,931 Kč
In 6 years G12 198,931 Kč 198,931 Kč
Prices for subsequent years are illustrative only and subject to change. Schools may or may not raise their prices for each academic year.

Sibling's Discount

For each additional child from the same family attending the school at the same time, there is a reduction of 20% from the discounted tuition.


Full fees published by “Christian International School of Prague”:

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CurriculumsAmerican and Christian
Language of instructionEnglish
Age RangeAges 6 to 18
Yearly fees (G6): 183,181 Kč
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