The Grange Kid is a true global citizen who see the Earth as their home and recognise they have an active role to play in the community they live in. They are truly internationally-minded, embraces similarities and differences between cultures and develops a genuine respect for other people, plants and animals and their immediate environment. They are passionate individuals who understands the independent yet interdependent relationships they have with others. They are proud of their own individuality and value collaboration with others. They take positive actions in service to the community. The Grange Kid believes they can be a Cre8tor. We create a learning ecosystem where the conditions exist to support the development of The Grange Kid through our unique Cre8tors-in-Action© educational philosophy, aimed at developing 8 key competencies and 8 key personal attributes.

We are The Grange Cre8tors!

8 Key Competencies

Construction and Design - the ability to conceptualise an idea and take it from design to the final product.

Respecting the environment - the ability to implement sustainable practices to care for, respect and protect the environment we interact with.

Entrepreneurial Spirit - the ability to identify a niche, conceptualise, market and deliver an idea, a product or a cause to a target audience.

Active Citizenship - the ability to take personal, localised or far-reaching action for causes they are passionate about

Teamwork and Partnership - the ability to collaborate with different partners, adopting different roles in a group, to achieve a common goal.

Original ideas - the ability to challenge their own thinking to come up with new and original ideas.

During Art classes, students are encouraged to express themselves and be inspired to adopt a think-out-of-the-box approach towards their learning.

Recognising issues - the ability to research and be aware of common issues affecting humanity on a personal, community or global basis.

Service leadership - the ability to devote time and energy to community causes that they become passionate about.

8 Personal Goals

Adaptability - I am able to cope with unfamiliar situations and approach tasks from different perspectives and explore different strategies.

A hand-on approach to learning is crucial to the development of our Cre8tors.

Communication - I am able to use a variety of tools and technologies to communicate my ideas and thoughts in different contexts and for different audiences.

Collaboration - I am able to work with different people and adopt different roles dependent on the needs of the group and the tasks at hand.

Critical Thinking - I am able to identify and think through issues by considering different perspectives and developing my own reasoned point of view.

Inquiry - I am able to ask and consider searching questions related to my learning and to carry out research and investigations related to those questions.

An inquisitive mind starts young. Here, our Year 1As (5-6 year olds) explore coding using the latest MacBook Pros.

Integrity - I am honest and I am able to act appropriately according to my own moral standpoint and am able to explain the reasons for my actions.

Resilience - I am able to stick with a task from beginning to end, to cope with disappointment when I fail and to keep trying and not give up easily.

Respect - I am able to maintain self-discipline and show empathy and care for other people, living things and the environment.