International, French curriculum
Ages 3 to 18

Sudbury School Paris

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CurriculumInternational, French
Languages of instructionEnglish, French
Age RangeAges 3 to 18
International Baccalaureate No
Avg. students per class -
Max. students per class -
First year fees: €6,500

Fees / Price

School Information

Number of students


Native speaking teachers (in language of instruction)


Language support for students not fluent in the school's language of instruction

Prospective students need to either have a sufficient level of English to engage in the life of the community or be committed to reaching this level.

Entry evaluation for students

Two-week trial period.

Deadline for registration (new academic year)

No deadline.

Students can join after academic year begins


School start time

The day at Sudbury School Paris starts at 08:30 and students can arrive until 10h30. Students need to stay a minimum of 5 hours minimum in the school.

School finish time

Students need to stay a minimum of 5 hours minimum in the school.The school closes at 17:30. The opening and closing are negotiable depending on parental needs.

School provided lunches

Students can bring their own lunch, purchase lunch nearby or cook their own if they have been certified to use the kitchen equipment.

Qualities and characteristics best defining the school

The Sudbury School Paris is a bilingual democratic school and non-profit based in the 13th arrondissement which empowers children through freedom, personal responsibility and a democratic environment and aims to offer a real educational alternative to the English speaking community of Paris.

Sudbury recognises the importance of unstructured play in learning. Students of the Sudbury School are free to play and fully immerse themselves in whatever passions and interests engage them. Free from scheduled lessons and curriculum, students decide for themselves how to organise their own time. In doing so, they learn to live their own independent lives based on their individual goals and aspirations. Sudbury School Paris is run democratically and transparently. Staff and students work together to manage the school by creating and changing the school's rules, which constantly evolve.

Teaching approach of the school

- Students are responsible for their education: At the Sudbury School Paris, education is the responsibility of the child. When children know that they are responsible for their education they rise to the occasion. This is not actually suprising, given they have an invested interest in it. However, when children believe that all they have to do is follow instructions, do what they are told and that someone else is responsible for their education, then they tend to disengage, minimise their creative responses to challenges, or attempt to achieve goals in the easiest way possible - by either finding short-cuts or even cheating.

- Unlimited opportunity to develop passions: Without scheduled lessons, students of the Sudbury School Paris are afforded unlimited opportunity to play, explore and pursue their own interests. This is important as it takes time to try out different things. It also takes time to get bored and then break through that boredom and discover another passion. Truly mastering a skill or learning about a topic that one is passionate about also takes time. Constant scheduled lessons and adult-directed activities undermine young peoples' ability to discover and really develop their own passions.

- Adults who help, not judge: Sudbury aims to provide students with access to a variety of caring adults that are helpers, not judges. This last part is very important. The last person you want to help you learn something is someone who is evaluating you. You're nervous about that person. You might go to that person to try and impress them with how much you know, but not to say "I really don't know this and I would like some help". By not judging the children, the staff members are much more able to be helpers to the children. Staff members are available to all students as academic, artistic, and mentoring resources, but only when asked. Sudbury believes adults have just as much to learn from children as children have to learn from adults.

- Age mixing: Free-age mixing among children of all ages, from tiny tots to adolescents, is a central idea of any democratic school, and the Sudbury School Paris is no exception. Free-age mixing is considered by many to be the 'secret ingredient' in democratic schools. The school would not work if it separated children by age-group as children learn most from children who are older and younger than themselves. Older students mentor and nurture younger students, while younger students look up to and are inspired by older students. Older students can easily relate to younger students' level of development from which they themselves have recently progressed and can learn to model and refine their expertise when helping younger students. Young children, when not separated from older students, feel comfortable observing their older peers, interacting with them and learning from them. Learning flows both ways when it comes to age mixing.

- Democratic community: The Sudbury School Paris strives to be a safe and democratic community. It is an environment in which every child knows that their actions and ideas influence others, and a place where every child can grow to feel responsible not just for themselves but for each other and their community. Through participation in the processes governing the school, students develop a sense of ownership of both their environment and their education. Everything from the use of materials, hiring of staff members, certification procedures, to the way the school's budget is allocated, is presented, debated, and voted upon during School Meeting sessions. The responsibility of developing and implementing school rules prepares students to take responsibility not just in school but in other areas of life. Formal democratic rule-making and conflict-resolution gives students ample experience with individual rights, equality, and self-regulation.


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Address: 4 Rue du Dessous des Berges, 75013 Paris, France